-HERCEG NOVI 1stof May to 9thof May

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  • All of the schools and groups will compete in category which their dance belong to.
  • Medals will be given for the first three places in every category of dance.
  • Also, there will be prizes given for best three overall performances.
  • Judges will be looking into choreographies and the prizes will be given for the best three choreographies.
  • Also, judges will be looking into costumes. The prizes will be given to three schools or groups with the best costumes.
  • Performance time for each school or group is between 3 and 15 minutes. If you need more than 15 minutes for your performance, it has to be approved by organizers.
  • Each school or group will receive festival’s program with the timetable for the rehearsals and performance. Schools or groups should strictly obey to the timetable. Time for the rehearsals is appr. 30 min.
  • Special light and audio effects must be rehearsed with stage technicians and approved by organizers. Some special effect may not be accepted.
  • Judges decision is final. Communication with judges and interference with their decisions could result in festival exclusion.

The most important rule is:

  • It is nice to win prizes but it is more important to make new friends and have fun!!!

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