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Required documents and visas

Valid passport, personal or collective.
All participants of Montenegro Dance, Music & Fashion Festival won’t need any visas to come to Montenegro, regardless of which country they are coming from. This applies to their family members and traveling friends too. All of the formalities will be done at the airport in Montenegro. This will be possible thanks to a great help from Kotor tourist organization and understanding from Montenegro government. Prior to their trip to Montenegro all the participants and their guests will receive an official invitation letter from organizers of Montenegro Dance Festival. Together with your valid passport, this letter will be enough to enter Montenegro.

Montenegro Dance Festival arrangement includes:

  1. Participation at the Montenegro Dance Festival
  2. Hotel accommodation at  hotels with 2 or 3 meals per day.
  3. Use of theatres and belonging technical facilities upon stage rehearsals and performances during a period assigned to each participating group.
  4. Transportation of participants and they guests from the airport to hotels, from hotels to the theatre etc.
  5. Medical assistance during stage rehearsals and performances at the premises of the theatre.
  6. Whenever there is need for that, there will be interpreters available.
  7. Some of sightseeing excursions and tours. Also, there is a possibility of excursion to one of Montenegro snow skiing centers and all day of skiing.
  8. Free tickets for all of the nights of Montenegro Dance Festival, for all the participants, their family members and traveling friends.

Among other things that price doesn’t includes are:

  1. Transportation to and from Montenegro
  2. Insurance (traveling, medical etc.)

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